Friday, July 17, 2009

I Like to Watch

I like to watch.

No. Just kidding.

Not really. I do like the visual arts. They fascinate me. Often, paintings and drawings take me to mental places that I think even film can't reach. Film is always about moving forward, whereas a painting remains static, but your feelings about it change; even moment to moment. Or at least, that is the intention.

There are places I feel really comfortable in and art galleries are one of them. Or, for that matter, museums as well. Inside these sanctuaries, far away from the real world, are the places of imagination, creativity and sometimes, really funny stuff.

(Let me point out here that I find the idea of the snooty, pretentious culture vampires mulling over paintings at art openings something very appalling. I hate this whole attitude of boho elitism. Eno has pointed out that art audiences "have to act jaded" and I so agree. Like the classical music snoots, I have no patience with these folks. Sorry.)
On the web, I find myself surfing these artsy places and sometimes the results are amazing.
I'm sure I kept this ViennaFair site because it sure has that combination of pretentious trash (colored balls? wha?), outrageous stuff designed to outrage and some very good work. Real fun to peruse.

Amy Crehore art follows a general theme of playfulness with a dash of naughty.

Jonathan Viner I found through Amy's site. Just the right amount of dark and twisted. I am a bit puzzled why naked women with headphones is art, but who am I to judge?

Fancy the surreal? This guy's work is out there and very funny at times.

Justin Micheal Jenkins, the guy who designed the show logo, is a favorite. Detailed, surreal, exact, flowing.

One of the best sources of all interesting things is Boing Boing. Most folks know about this eclectic site that has so many wonderful images, artists and ideas on it.

Of course, bad is good as well; especially really bad.

The merch is hilarious. MOBA mugs! Perfect.

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