Friday, April 10, 2009

Watch This Film!

Last night, I stayed up way past what I should because I could not tear myself away from this new documentary about Philip Glass.

This is the film I had hoped for when I purchased this DVD. It is a good film, but doesn't begin to scratch the surface of this most fascinating man.

This new work is simply incredible. My admiration for this man has grown exponentially overnight. It is beautiful, revealing, funny, sad-everything a good film should be.

Glass has an energy about him that, like all great men, inspires those around him; even those just passively watching a film. He exudes a positive, open attitude which is infectious.

It begins with Glass talking about and I paraphrase here, "not being confined by other people's views" of him. He simply "didn't care and it saved me a whole lot of trouble." He has been the target of some of the most hateful criticism. He laughs at it. As you and I would be crushed, Glass is concerned only with writing music, hearing it and reaching an audience.

A knockout! Five stars. Amazon has a release date of April 21.

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