Monday, April 27, 2009

I Do Declare, Lads

It's good to get out and play.

It's good also to eat a great lunch. Then followed by a dessert with a wee bit of Scottish blend in it.

The pipes and drums always move me. Majestic.

The guest minister was just wonderful. His opening story was a keeper.

When Mark Twain was asked by customs officials if he had anything to declare, he said that his suitcase had only his clothes and could they please just let him through as he had a train to catch.

When customs opened his suitcase, they felt around and found a bottle.

"What's this?' came their query. "I thought you said that you had only clothes in your suitcase."

Twain answered with typical aplomb:

"That's my nightcap."

God bless the Scots.

Special thanks to the sharp eye of A.P. for the photos.

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