Thursday, August 14, 2008

Butch Paugh

Butch Paugh is the controversial minister who declares that the DMV taking his picture is the beginning of the mark of the beast- the Biblical reference to 666 being stamped on everybody at the end of days.


You are not going to be governor. So, forget that right now. While I believe in the basics of the Good Book and feel that society has indeed gone to hell, I do see the point of those who scream separation of church and state, and those who toss about the term Theocracy. You know as well as me the interpretation of scriptures is a tricky thing, often leading to suspicion and downright hatred of other denominations. Isn't that lovely? That's one of my favorite about self-proclaimed "Godly people." Fundamentally, they are really not decent people at all, but snivy little toads who use God as a way of elevating themselves and condemning others.

Besides, isn't that a bit too worldly? You know, "be not of this world", etc etc. By the way, your web page makes me cringe a little with the yard sale style, graphically challenged, clunky ads for DVDs and other things you are hawking for profit. Bad taste and certainly lacking a spiritual ambiance, yes? Get a web designer, dude. It looks awful.

Mike Krause's argument against Real ID is reasonable and is fair warning, but it has nothing to do with Revelations, the mark of any beast (sexy or not), or the guy with the horns on his head. The state or federal government is the real beast because of the intrusion of privacy, diminishing civil liberties and the one constant true to all governments: their ability to f*k up your life with one small clerical error. The potential and actual evil of these organizations is well known to us all.

Had you challenged this on a purely legal level, I would raised my fist in solidarity. But no, it turned into showboating.

But the horse is already out of the barn. If you are in the system, you are already f**ked. Besides, whining about a DMV picture and then splashing yourself all over the papers and even YouTube seems a bit hypocritical. It's typical and solid entertainment that always comes with fellows like you who wave the Bible in one hand and pick people's pockets with the other; all the while working towards the real goal: power. Oh baby, ain't it seductive? Power seduces all who seek it. Oh yeah.

Evidently, others find your mighty armor to have chinks. (Scroll down to read about the Shortwave Wars)

What's this stuff about the Confederate flag? Seriously, is this another the South's Gonna Do It Again? What? A return to an agrarian society, women as second class citizens and the entire subjugation of a race?

The South was right? About what?

Mixing the Old South with religion seems a bit suspicious. Didn't like the results of the Civil War? Time to move on.

I love the gun stuff. Why do all you gun people always sound like you find nothing more pleasurable on earth than the thought of shooting someone? Jesus said, "Blessed are the pistol packers." Right? Nothing about love, tolerance, patience. Nah. Shoot first, let God sort 'em out.

From the site - a lovely "poem." Warms your heart, yes?

In short, this was all a publicity stunt. And it worked. Congrats. I am happy for you.

I just don't believe any of it.

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