Saturday, February 09, 2008

All My Friends Are A-lee-uns

It didn't get good reviews" said the local twenty-something at Blockbuster. Usually, I trust those that most Boomers ignore as Gen X.

I had heard this lastest remake of the Snatchers series was bad. F to reviews.

Here's the shortie: This is a worthy edition to the aliens-are-coming, body snatchin' series. Yes, "the plot is predictable"-duh! I actually read that. Dude, know thy film histoire.

The pacing is good if not a litte rushed, menacing and the pod (not pods this time-viral) peoples are creepy.

Supposedly there were problems with the script and some reshooting took place and that's why some scences come out of order. Who cares? I'm a dumbass and I could follow it.

Nicole is not only stunning, but she brings a wealth of emotion to her role, especially as a mother. Did I mention she's stunning? Ah, Nicole, if we could only run off to some island for hours of...oh. Sorry. Must get back on point. my bad.

Conclusion: worth a rental. Maybe even a purchase at the right price.

Some post invasion goofiness:

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