Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Insert Thy Foote

From the Fripp pages again:

At tea, a Crafty sitting close to the head table leant over…

Crafty: I met a student who was at your lecture at York in 2000. He said it wasn’t his cup of tea.

RF: That’s what I get most of the time.

Crafty: He said it was vaguely pompous.

It is most amazing what young people say without a thought in their heads. All have opened their mouths only to stick foot directly in it. I would dare say that I have done much more than your average bear to embarrass himself and no doubt called upon the good graces and politeness of the recipient not to retaliate in kind. Even old guys let one go upon occasion.

Case in point:

Walking into the favorite market place yesterday, I ran into a familiar face. After it dawned on your humble blogger who this person was, we exchanged pleasantries in the modo ordinario. She told me that she had divorced and was now considering marriage with her current bo-friend. Knowing the guy a bit, I spoke without thinking: "Him?!?!"

She was very nice about it and wasn't offended.

I hobbled back to work.

It being difficult to walk on one foot. The other
in my mouth.

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