Monday, September 17, 2007

Southern Kitchen owner passes

The Southern Kitchen, though Kanawha City can claim her, is a Charleston landmark. Sad news today as we woke up to find out the owner passed away.

"Miss" Hersman, as we called her, owner and co-founder was always at the Southern Kitchen. Every time we dined in, she would always come by, say hello and ask how we were doing. Employees and family said she kept long hours, staying at her place sometimes until the wee hours, though she came in every morning promptly at 9 AM.

Back when I played in a band, sometimes the Kitchen was the only place open. It was a blast to roll into this old school joint and order up a huge breakfast-still one of the best things on the menu. Though we often made jokes about the food, the bar crowd all met one another after a long night of heavy partying.

Of course, sometimes the late nighters crossed paths with the early risers who in turn were followed by the post-church crowd. Every one, regardless of social status, feels welcome and comfortable in this virtual kitsch-o-thon of chicken nick knacks.

Some of the staff are so colorful, like "Marvelous" Marvin. A guy who has the charisma and charm of a Hollywood agent. A laugh riot.

I hope that the tradition continues. Some things should never change. One of them is the Southern Kitchen.

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