Sunday, August 12, 2007


a spontaneous trip to the mall.

this sunset reminded me of a design i did for the first radio show i did called Sunday Nights. i thought that the show needed a logo, something to spice up the web. i drew something similar to what you see. well...i was told, "This doesn't say music to me."

but it said radio, yes?

when living in rural Pennsylvania, i could catch WDVE out of Pittsburgh. that was one thing that hooked me. the mystery of something coming from afar-a distant signal reaching the eager ears of a young boy. a mystery i still believe in.

the other was that my father was an avid ham radio operator. this was way back before CB and the big craze in the 70's. he had his "station" in the basement and he built a small tower out in our front yard. i haven't been back to that house in decades, but i bet remnants of the concrete he poured still remain. these two influences completely explain why still believe in radio-at least radio that tries to create an atmosphere and convey content rather than generate trash between commercials.
the deal at the mall is this: Borders has a great selection, but prices that can crush your budget. it's shear price inflation without apology.

Best Buy offers much more reasonable prices on CDs and DVDs, but DVDs are higher. Amazon always has better deals.

Best Buy had a confusing stand that said, "Two DVDs for $15" on one side and then "$9.99 for your favorite movies" on the other. Hoping for the best, I took 28 Days Later and Borat to the counter, the acne cursed young man was polite and even took a walk to see the stand I was referring to, but in the end, the register said both were $9.99 each. Borat was the undisputed choice.

C. S Lewis came to mind:

"To me each evening looked far more
like the departure from a silent, but yet a crowded, shore...
leaving behind marooned mankind ."

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Mona said...

your photos, accompanied by the sound of a whirring fan and Music for Airports. and my heart is at peace.

Radio is only one of the ways we communicate across the ether