Saturday, August 25, 2007

Age Improves Everything

When CR rolls into town, a few things are expected. First, and foremost, a good time is inevitable. Second, late hours are mandatory. And third, and most important, fine rums will be consumed.
(Factor in the CR Time Warp, i.e. 9:00 PM will mean at least a 30 to 45 minute variance in that agreed upon rendezvous time. God love him. That hasn't changed.)
Nay, not gluttonous consumption of the college student, nor the barbaric swilling for the sole purpose of inebriation. Nay, ye heathens. This is for those who take their time to truly enjoy things. Like fine rum, baby.
Well, I had a few Harpoon IPAs in the fridge.

"Wanna start with a beer?
"Yeah, sure."
"Well, we could start with a beer, then move to the rum."
"Or we could have both at the same time."

Hmm...we are off to a good start, yes? That's the spirit.
CR, after a drink of the beer, "They sure have a lot of hops in there!"

Yep. IPA has steroid level hops. It's a historical thing that involves the Brits transporting beer to India and them getting tired of the brew spoiling. Hence, the hopping up of hops. See kids, we learn while we drink? Could this be a useful history module? Core values anyone?

We don't imagine that we are boorish connoisseurs of fine wine; talking about length, bouquet and all that snobby stuff, but neither are we oblivious to the fine aging involved in making this surely one of the smoothest hard liquors you can enjoy.

Appleton 12, Cuban 10 and Bacardi 8 were sipped, savored and compared. Though I am more tempted than my friend to mix some fruit juice with it, CR reminded me that this is to be savored straight, save only a small amount of ice only to change the temperature.

CR, like me, (and the booze) has mellowed with age. We take our time with good things. And though my body aches from the simplest of tasks, I would not want to be a twenty-something again. The perspective I have gained (I would not dare call it wisdom) can only be gained by experience. I know I appreciate the simplest of things, the small kindnesses of people and the subtleties of every day living much more than the younger set.
Long ago, we were maniac roommates, burning away our spare time in a band and one rum was just about as good as another. We've been friends for decades.

I say, "Cheers" to my old friend. And thanks for the rum.
Especially while writing this post. : )


Mona said...

lovely that is appreciated even by this member of the insensitive younger set;)

(and maybe rum is not all that bad...Ellen's Tiramisu gelato had a bit of a rummy flavor, and I found I didn't mind it...and it is pretty good in Bananas Foster)

David said...

Hey Craig,

DP @ Snowshoe w/WVSO

Be well.


primalscreamx said...

I'll stick with my usual sterno and Kool-aid cocktail.