Sunday, June 10, 2007

Rumors of the Truth

As far as the Mad King, there are STILL those who defend by denial this unsaintly man's actions citing his "retirement" for health reasons. I hate to sound bitter (I must be), but seriously, just because he's a pastor of the church, do you have to totally discount reality? Aren't the facts immutable? This is not about forgiveness or turning the other cheek, this is about facing what the man did and dealing with it from there. The man was hiding money-two accounts rumoring to total $80,000.

  • Remember, I was fired shortly after telling someone that I had received a paycheck with an out of town check. Coincidence? Methinks not.
  • My take: he was slowly taking money from different sources of the church and secretly transferring them to these two accounts.
  • He would then acrue as much as he could, slowly building the sum until retirement. Then, once he was clear, he could draw on those accounts.
  • When he finally had to confess to the accounts, he said he was "hiding the money from the school" in order to help the church. The school was being funded elsewhere and was separate from the church. He made those decisions. So, that reason doesn't hold water.

There are good priests and bad ones. We got a really awful one. Its all over, said and done, as he left even earlier than the two week announced "retirement." He didn't even have the honor to stay through the second weekend.

Recently, a choir member invited me back to help with the singing on Saturdays. No, thanks. Innocence lost, trust broken and very few supported me in my dismissal. Things are spoiled for me there. I can't go back. Sorry.

Whatever happens to the bumbling King, I don't wish him well.

But I do wish him on his way.

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