Sunday, February 18, 2007

random shots, random thoughts

If you have to do an errand, then you might as well have as much fun doing it. Snow covered roads? New camera? Unlimited ability to annoy blog readers? Let's go. None of these shots were planned, just aim and shoot.
The drive through at the pharmacy offers plenty of reflections more interestingly confused by a camera lens.

Two suspicious characters become art. Windshield art?

It's ironic. The people who live near to these hills probably do not give them a second thought. Because these hills lead up to a set of rocks known as "the Devil's Tea Table" and they are so immutablely bound with my youth, I regard these hills as a sacred place. I need to hike my old ass up this ridge and photo those rocks.
More pharmacy. Why do all drive through speakers assault the eardrums?
Two truly close companions: my coffee and Eno's Thursday Afternoon. Great music to float away to while taking in the winterscape.

The spiritual home of the Velvet Brothers. That house still has a cheesy electronic organ complete with boss nova beat. Gotta get that thing out and play, play, play.

People who came from here and left for bigger cities or people who come from out of town always like to rag on Charleston. I can not count the times I hear" "What is there to do here?" It's as if the people who choose to live in small towns are somehow "less than." I lived in Baltimore for four years, so back off bitch. I know my city life. This type of comment used to ruffle my feathers and even hurt the old fee fees (thx Raging Red), but now that just runs off my back. I like big cities, like to visit, but I can not live in them.

Hold camera, drink coffee and steer. It's as suburban as Apple Pie.

We are lying. Just kidding.... Not the defensive body language. He is running for President. They are Mormon. Unfortunately, most of America is unwilling to accept this in a President. He ain't got a chance.

From where all journeys begin.

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