Friday, February 17, 2006


Nursing home hallway sounds:

"Jesus, help me. Oh Lord, help me."

* * * **

Faulty logic:

After finding out his sister was hiding some contraband for a friend, the brother went ballistic. So ballistic that the police were called to the scene. When they arrived, the brother was armed with a knife about to do harm to his sister.
Police: "Put down the weapon, sir."
Brother: "Don't worry buddy, I ain't coming for you. I'm goin' after my sister."

* * * **
Public perception

Local news team pounces on eclectic guy, outside his home, concerning local dispute over two gambling parlors being within 100 feet of each other. All said and done, eclectic guy loved the camera [even though camera does not like eclectic guy], the microphone and the reporter who knowingly kept hitting him with questions.
Final cut: E-guy looks like he's angry with his neighbors, pointing at their house, saying:
"They were dead-set against it."

Leaving for work today, neighbor conveniently hid behind the tree to avoid talking to me.

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