Sunday, February 26, 2006

Am I Sensing a Theme?

Tidbits: I think a theme is emerging here.

A trip to the local drugstore proves interesting.

The man in front of me was dropping off a perscription. He had "that look" about him: racing flames knit cap and dark sunglasses. As he walked by, the familar sweet smell of bourbon. "Kentucky bourbon?" I wanted to ask him. Oh well, it was around 4PM.

Walking towards the front of the store, I am greeted by a large cutout of Elvis who is now evidently hawking his own line of fine (gasp) wines. "Jailhouse Red"? I'm not kidding here.

I'm in line again. The man in front of me purchases no less than three quarts of beer and then proceeds to place them neatly in a handy padded carrying case. Well, the man was prepared at least.

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