Thursday, November 08, 2012


This very silly, but I'm bummed that the KC Blockbuster is closing.

Part of my joy is to run in the store, before the Kroger jaunt, and see if there's anything that might be worth renting.

Say goodbye to that convenience now. I had a pass that only cost me $15 a month. No due dates, no hassles, no pay for individual rentals- it was all cool.

I brought home many a really bad horror film, but never had to to feel the sting of the $5 or whatever rental fee hit me in the ass.

Blockbuster made some major fuckups along the way and eventually Dish TV bought them. Their selection changed somewhat as I noticed that the more out-of-the-way titles seemed to no longer be offered.

Where will we end up? Netflix? Amazon? Not sure.

I will not pay 7 or 8 bucks to rent a movie.

Maybe I can catch up on my reading.


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