Monday, August 13, 2012

The Reality of Part-timers (Re:the Dreams of Academics)


We are cancelling part-time faculty orientation due to low participation. Of 34 PT faculty, only 7 have indicated they will attend.
(They list those who confirmed attendance and one "maybe." Is this a list of the honorable part-timers? Does this imply a list of shame for those not on the list? Perhaps.)
We appreciate the enthusiasm demonstrated by those who responded.

Part-time Faculty Manuals will be left at the Mailroom.


You make me feel like a beggar then want me to feel
guilt as well?
When you disregard the basic wish of a teacher to want to make a living by teaching by holding them as a part-timer ad infinitum, wiping out the very department that they work in, and pay zero benefits with no mention of a pay raise since the 1980's, what enthusiasm do you expect from them?

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