Friday, May 18, 2012

create all day

stare at the pretty colors...
 I bought the Bloom, Trope and Air apps for iPhone and I can tell you I'm having a blast with them.

Since Eno's name is on two out of the three and the third is based on his beautiful Music For Airports, I couldn't resist. When you wait to buy an Eno product, shit runs out.

If Eno is someone you have not yet discovered, then my sincerest hope is that you do. If you are of the mindset that hates him because you are a sophisticated muso of the art set, then I suggest you read no further.

Bloom is a really fun app that is tantamount to sheer childish musical play, only the textures and possibilities are very complex. Whatever pattern you touch on the screen, electronic piano sounds appear along with a flow of circles where you touched. If that wasn't cool enough, your music is looped and fades with each reiteration.

wave your fingertips and watch the tracers
 Trope is a little more darker in mood and more complex visually. Lines can be drawn and these go through both visual and musical permutations.

Air is the last, but one that I've haven't explored enough yet.

Applications that do all the work for me? How can that be cool?

You may say that isn't serious enough or that it's too serious. Then my answer is that you're not getting how cool this stuff is or making music is not for you.

Last night, on my way to Kroger, Target AND Wall-de-la Mart, I put on Bloom and made a circular pattern. I listened as the notes repeated and the soft drones of piano-like synth notes gently hovered in the background.

create all day is my philosophy sometimes.

Then, as if I channeled old David Sylvian, a song came to my lips. I wish I was able to record it because it was pretty interesting for an impromptu bit of writing.

Then again, sometimes I think this music is a one time thing, a musical prayer, a self-healing dabble or just to see what comes out without any thought. Sometimes I think that it's an open line to God, but that sounds too self-important. I think it's a way of staying open to your creative life without the world's noisy infringement. To stay honest, to stay real.

All for $ 3.99.

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