Wednesday, November 09, 2011

The Walking Dud

More of these, please.
AMC's The Walking Dead is pissing me off.

Well, come to think of it, I'm really not that passionate about it all. I find my mind drifting off during the dull "character developing" yak sessions. Lori and Rick having a dramatic moment! The love triangle with Shane! And all these merry survivors are getting along just peachy and care about one another. It's dull and heavy handed, quite frankly.

It's as if Walking Dead's writers are writing in neon: See? We're not just a shallow series with grisly canabalism or glorious Pekinpah head shots! We have story.

We can learn about charcters through their actions, not just meandering and dull dialogue. The bible of all zombie movies, Romero's Dawn of the Dead has four very vivid characters, all with distinct personalities (and issues), and when there's dialogue, it's not forced as it is in this series. Argh!

Less of this, please.
Rev it up or ratings will drop.

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