Wednesday, October 12, 2011

To Badly Go Where None Dare Go

Sonny Bono's 1967 Inner Views is now a real contender
for worst album ever made. Scientists are studying this
as we speak.
I consider myself to be very amateur student of bad film. Two boxsets of Drive-In Classics and Horror Classics on the home DVD shelf are not there just for looks or an outward sign of ironic hipness. My wife and I have watched a majority of these bad, bad cinematic examples for the sheer pleasure of bad cinema. This interest extends to bad music. To clarify, not the bad music I hear at the local super market (formulaic Nashville, Emo, etc.), but music that was produced with serious intention.

Today, my colleague played me a track from this album.

Dear Lord! When they were punishing William Shatner, they were aiming low. Sonny Bono (God rest your soul) may have made the worst celebrity lp ever.

"Pammies on a Bummer" easily tops anything on that sacred document of Shatneralia.

Did Bono not hear the awfulness or was he just cashing in on the moment of popularity?

Whatever the reason, once you make vinyl, it's forever.

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