Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Short Bits

My friend, Ben, is quite possibly the most educated man you are ever likely to meet. It's a delight to slowly sip aged rum and talk away the evening about a variety of subjects; many of which go straight over my head. Besides his huge smarts, I admire his acceptance of the often frustrating and despicable human condition. "We're all hypocrites," he said nonchalantly one evening. That kind of floored me. Sometimes big brained people cannot accept being wrong nor their hypocrisies. He accepts them in himself and others.
Better to know and accept. Absolutely.


I watched an elderly woman holding on the stair rail with her left hand as she held her walker in her right (paint that image in your mind) as she struggled to enter the Nazarene church in Kanawha City. From what I know of this faith, they take things very seriously, literally and have lots and lots of rules. At the top was a woman who was watching, but not helping, another woman who was having difficulty getting up the stairs. "Gee," methought, "Ain't you Nazarene believers supposed to be kind and charitable to those who may need a hand getting into the house of God?" I couldn't believe the woman just stood there.
Then again, I just stood and watched.


At the drugstore checkout, I noticed the girl staring at my shirt.
"Why are you staring at my shirt?"
"I can't figure it out."
"What's there to figure out?"
"Zero 0 gun quit."
"No. no. That's Ogunquit, a town in Maine."

Seriously, let's not ever let this lass work in the pharmacy.


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