Sunday, August 07, 2011

The Kroger Logic

The granola shuffle where the price stays the same
despite the expiration date coming soon.
I am a granola addict. Yes, I sound all novo-hippie, but this stuff I eat mindlessly. I especially love the toasted almonds. They are like delicious treasures that you must search for through the grains.

Yes, I am a freak.

Months ago, Kroger's got a bunch of this and put it in a cardboard box. The price? As you see it in the picture. At one point, they lowered the price to $3.99- a price I thought much more fair than the current inflated ask.

So, the granola began to sell. Kroger's ups the price and has left it there ever since. I have kept an eye on this product waiting for a price drop and to see how management works.

One big problem, Krogy: the expiration date is this month.

So, rather than sell, they are just shuffling the product around and letting it go stale.

I have never taken a business class in my life, but damn if this makes any sense to me.

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