Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Not Bad

Imagine greater than lame Sci-Fy channel
I had seriously low expectations for this series on TNT. Every time I get excited about alien invasion stuff, I am sorely dissappointed. ABC's V was such a bore that I quit watching. Evidently they did too as the show went off the air and then to reappear later. Too late. You lost momentum.

To all networks, be ye large or small: some of us out here in TV land are intelligent viewers. Quit thinking we are stupid. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter.

Everybody wants to follow HBO and their success with The Sopranos. A series brings in not only loyal viewers, but viewership can grow exponentially. Say hello True Blood.

Babe-a-licious factor is provided by Moon Bloodgood. I ain't making that up.
Noah Wyle (ER heartthrob) is the anchor. He does pretty well so far.

Alien critters are two types: mechs or mechanical bipeds with nasty weaponry and arthropod-like "skitters" which are truly ugly, complete with slimy skin.

There is a slight nod to the zombie genre as human children are enslaved by a "harness" which is attached to the spinal column and makes them obedient  to the aliens via telekinesis. 

You haven't missed much and you can probably watch full episodes on the official site, but don't delay too long as these don't stay up long.

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