Tuesday, September 15, 2009

More Signs of Intelligent Life in the Fripp Universe

From the Freep diary-

Airhead post on the forum:
18.13 Actual formation!
:: Posted by paisdepoetas006j on August 29, 2009

The Chilean people want a concert. They demand KC and that with the legitimate incarnation. And, they won’t budge. When will you please play for them?

Fripp's unusually polite answer-

This question has been addressed in this Diary before. Questions for this poster, please:
1. What is the legitimate incarnation?
2. What repertoire would they play?
3. Why would the members want to do this? For example: what other projects & undertakings would / should they give up to perform in Chile?
4. What is involved in bringing together the members of that incarnation?This includes syncing calendars, rehearsal times & places, equipment shipping, technical support & personnel including wages, shipping all of the above to Chile with flights.
5. Which promoter & venues?

* * *

In short, how in the f*** are we going to play in Chile, dude?

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