Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Those Damn Pictures

"Why do you put up those damn pictures?"

Valid question.

Answer: I like them.

The iPhone camera is not a great camera, but it's always close by. You have to hold it more steady than any other camera I own. You think you get a good shot and it turns out just a bit blurry.

Sometimes blurry is good. I like the shapes, lines and unexpected fusing of images. Abstract is good.

My cousin Jan's French bulldog. I am the dog whisperer.

These babies are pure sugar and creme. Not sure what they are called. Angel Turds?

Self-proclaimed "crazy sonofabitch." Very funny guy.


primalscreamx said...

I didn't know Holl's sold chocolate penises. Well, Valentine's Day gifts for one and all!

eclectic guy said...

Yes! New for this year. No wonder it was such a sucess. Yowsa!