Thursday, October 30, 2008

Local Boys Make Some Noise

My friend and fellow muso Doug had his 50th B-party not so long ago. Listening to the local boys, the Soul Doctors, make some noise, it really struck me how good they sounded. Downright kickass in fact.

It also reminds me of the myth that because a musician lives in a small town, somehow he may not be as good as someone living in the major cities of America. It's bullshit. Charleston can put its talent up against any place, anywhere. These cats can play baby.

We also have this idea that somehow fame is equal to talent. Talent is something difficult to measure until you see it in action and it has nothing to do with fame. Fame is more about ambition, looks and incredible luck.

So, as I watched and listened to the local lads, I was truly impressed. I felt proud to think that the musical community counts me among them.

So, congrats on hitting 50, Doug. You sound and look good baby. Own it!

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