Monday, June 16, 2008

You're Not Listening

"People see me all the time
and they just can't remember how to act." -Dylan

True story from a colleague.

They had a slight technical glitch and a program failed to air. After music saved them from silence, the error was quickly corrected, an on air apology was given, and said program aired. A mere thirteen minutes separated scheduled and actual broadcast time.

Phone call.

Listener wants to know why program did not air.

Less-than-perfect announcer: Program did air, but was late due to technical problem.

Listener responds with silence. Was not happy with answer.
Other gems:

Or how a listener badgered for twenty minutes an announcer for a copy of a program which they neither possessed nor, if they did possess, could not make a copy for them because of copyright laws. Radio stations pay to air programs. That does not include distribution to listeners.

Finally, after being told no repeatedly in every way possible, the person finally asked,

"Aren't you a professional?"


When asked why film music was played, less-than-perfect announcer stated film music was just as serious a form as any other.

Seriously-trying-to-impress listener responds in both German and French that film music is "neither fish nor fowl." To that, "What about Prokofiev? He wrote film music."

Angry: "But he was a serious composer!!!"

"So, a composer is serious only in terms of the medium they write for? Besides, it's still orchestral music."

"But, film music is to support the film. It's not complete."

"Then why do we listen to the opera on the radio? Or in recordings?"

Listener was not happy and hung up.

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