Friday, January 25, 2008


There are no spoilers here, so read with confidence.

Plot: Manhattan's young hotties are getting their groovy party rained on big time.

Cloverfield is a great re-imagining of the old, old (and still great) story of something huge, mean and ugly is going ape shit on humankind.

Good stuff: great pacing, action-packed and the creature(s) are wicked. Intense-never lets up.

Bad stuff: Too short. 1:20? That's hardly an evening out, people.
If the fast, blurry hand-held camera work makes you motion sick, then this movies isn't for you.

Quotable quote from my movie buddie, Paul: "The difference between Charleston and Manhattan is that everyone in Manhattan is hot."

This is the kind of movie that works the best with the cinema experience. Go see it. Not for kids.

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