Friday, October 12, 2007

Throw That Hail Mary

An actual email request from a potential guitar student (this has been edited for obvious reasons). Keep in mind we have mid-terms next week:

Hey There Mr. ____
I've been taking guitar lessons for the past three years, and my current teacher is ____ at the Pied Piper. Well, I was wondering if I could start lessons with you, since it would be much more convenient there on campus. I know it's pushing midterms in the semester, but I was hoping you might still have an opening somewhere.? You can reply to this email addy, or my cell is _____. Hope to see you soon!

I replied with courtesy. Though, if I ever let out what I really think, it would read like this:
"Nice try, but no dice. That's why they call them Hail Marys. They're rarely successful without divine intervention."

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