Monday, July 23, 2007

Jamaican Me Nuts

I may have hit the mother lode. Then again, maybe not.

Last semester, I had a student from Jamaica. We got on the topic of coffee. Rather, I talked about it all the time because Jamaican Blue Mountain is really, really good and though it is obscenely expensive, it does live up to the hype. At least when I said what-the-hell and coughed up for 1/4 lb at the Coffee Bean at the Kanawha Mall. The girl there said, "You'll taste the difference." Right she was, but at $50 an lb, (Even higher? Can't remember now.) I damn well better taste some difference.
I have yet to taste the world's most expensive coffee-the one where a cat poops out the beans, but our office coffee is so horrible that
surely some similar process was involved, but only worse.Said student came through on what I thought was an empty promise: she would get me a pound of real Blue Mountain coffee. Her mom worked at one of these places that sold it.
What I remember of my previous experience with this coffee does not add up to what I am tasting now. The packaging looks real and promises the real stuff. It tastes dark and rich with a whole lot of bitter aftertaste, but somehow it's not what I remember.
What did I pay? Nothing. As I said, I had forgotten about it. So...what the hell. Good bean to enjoy and share. Real or not-doesn't matter.

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primalscreamx said...

Yeah, I got some shit at the homegood store near Target (with the french pronunciation) that was supposed to be blue mountain. Again, it was a shitty blend...about 90 percent generic columbian coffee -the stuff drug lords wouldn't even bother using to hide their cocaine in. The rest might have been from jamaica, but I doubt it. It was very disappointing. Getting good bean locally seems to be getting harder.