Monday, May 21, 2007

File Under: Mi Casa ain't su casa

From the local:

May 20, 2007
Police find naked burglar in Park Avenue home

A man who allegedly broke into a Park Avenue home Saturday also decided to climb into bed — naked.
According to a complaint in Kanawha County Magistrate’s Court, the man remained free of clothing when police arrived on the scene and took him into custody.

According to the complaint, Norris Alfred Dean, 39, of Charleston, allegedly gained access to a home at 716 Park Avenue by way of breaking a small window of the front door of the residence.

Naked, Dean apparently then climbed into bed and fell asleep. He was still asleep in the family’s bedroom when police arrived.

Charleston Patrolman K.W. Oldham charged Dean with the felony of burglary.

More weird news: File under-Sci Fi

Cicadas are coming! "It's one of the greatest insect emergences on Earth," said Daniel Summers, an entomologist at The Field Museum.

Freaks like me.

"Cicadas are the most efficient and loudest sound-producing insects around. Only the males sing as a mating ritual to attract females. A single male’s courtship call can reach 90 dB —- equivalent to a noisy truck on the road or a kitchen blender."

Download sounds and make a dance mix!

What is August without the sound of cicadas?

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