Thursday, April 26, 2007

It's Just a Pick, Man

While I take the idea of innovation seriously and am open to new ideas, this whole issue of picks is still knocking around in my head. Even more so since I am practicing regularly (the EclecTic Wife calls this my "new obsession") and my long-time friend sent me an Agate pick [Picture left is similar in shape] out of the blue! Before we get to more serious talk about these issues, let's investigate the lighter side of this most common tool: the guitar pick.

Why, no matter what interest, hobby or even profession, does there have to be the nerd factor? Nerds ruin or try to ruin everything. Give nerds computers and what do they do? Make viruses and other nasty devices to prove ultimately what destructive little weasels they are. Then there is the nerdy one-up-manship that permeates nearly all avenues of commerce and art.

The stone pick evidently, according to one guy I know, was first used by Z Z Top guitarist Billy Gibbons. He used all sorts of things, including coins, until he used what were called "mined picks." Nothing new under the sun evidently.

Also: more silliness. Picks from outer space? Dude, if you are so insecure that you need a pick made from a meteorite, then I suggest you spend the $120 (plus shipping and handling) on a good therapist.

Post from an acoustic guitar site:

"Well, I sold a bunch of vintage, unused 1940s Gibson celluloid picks recently (on eBay) and they got bid up to the mid $30 ea range...!!! :) So I just ordered a custom made, natural (reclaimed) tortoise shell pick, which I paid $25 for... Normally I wouldn't be so extravagant, but selling off the old Gibson picks was a bit of a windfall for me, so I figured WTH, I've always wanted to try out a real tortoise shell pick... But no way would I spend a C-note on a pick, even if it was made of platinum".

Anyone out there want to tell me why some picks from the 40's would be so valuable? I am surely missing something. Celluloid? What, got film frames for a plectrum?

Or buy this for the low, low price of $48! Buy rare picks! Be the first on your block. Doesn't rare and pick sound wrong to you? Like exquisite and doo doo?

Bloodstone 1.5mm Traditional Style (Ultra-Thin) Double Grip Pick
Approx. 29mm x 25mm
Grip: Double
Rare Quality: Bloodstone
Rare Quality: Ultra-Thin Grip Pick
Price: 48.00

These picks are very pretty, but what's next? Picks made from dinosaur bones? Let's not stop there: how about human remains? Come on, don't be so squeamish! Plenty of dude stone around. Let's mine it and sell it on eBay, baby!

Well..perhaps I'll stick to plastic.

But I do have a new stone pick.

And that's about all I need.


The Film Geek said...

Nice post! And I'm digging the new look here.

Anonymous said...

thanks man. you rule