Tuesday, March 27, 2007

File This Under: "Dude?!"

March 26, 2007

By The Associated Press
A motorist drove a car through West Virginia’s open-air, pedestrians-only Veterans Memorial early Sunday morning, damaging at least one black granite panel that lists the state’s war dead, authorities said.

Seriously...my favorite part:

"Capitol Complex surveillance cameras show that Gentry's car entered the area at the Greenbrier/Washington street entrance at about 1:30 a.m., came through the Cultural Center parking lot, then drove to - but was unable to climb - the steps of Cultural Center."


...causing an estimated $200,000 damage.

Just whip out the ol' checkbook, Howie?

Justice served: He then drove through the Capitol grounds and out the Greenbrier Street entrance. At that point, the car had sustained extensive damage, including having one tire shredded, according to Thornton.

Gentry was stopped by Charleston police at the Westmoreland Road exit of Interstate 77, about three miles away.

The guy's car broke down because of the damage.


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