Friday, August 11, 2006

Why Do the Wicked Prosper?

Update 9/6/06 from the Gaz-a reader's editorial:

"It is nearly impossible not to notice the large number of stray cats in Charleston and surrounding areas and other forms of animal abuse reported daily. This is the result of ignorance. The behavior continues because of our “slap on the wrist” punishments to animal abusers. Study after study shows a strong connection between animal abuse and human abuse.

[My note-one of FBI's behavorial signs of psychopathic behavior is the torturing of animals.]

Consider the last major animal abuse case in Charleston: We, as a community, allowed a man to go free when a jury found him not guilty. Somehow they managed to “normalize” taping a mutilated dog to a car steering wheel — maybe because the defendant was drunk? Ask your kids how they feel about a dog being shot, having a screwdriver rammed through the back of its skull and protruding out of its eye socket, then being taped to a steering wheel.

[My note-although I appreciate the passion here, I wouldn't bring such a horrific description to a child's world. Although we know human life is more valuable than an animal's (this is often strained by abominable human behavior such as this case), how we treat all life is a reflection of who and what we are. All life is sacred and deserves our respect and protection because we are the stewards of the earth. We are not here to be conquerers, to "have dominion" over all, but to be caregivers and protectors. It's our responsibility and to do otherwise goes against "the better angels of our nature."]

Fortunately, most kids aren’t as uncaring and warped as adults when it comes to concern for life in all forms. What a horrific example we set for kids.

Melody Hunter

[My note-I've seen some pretty monsterous kids in my time, but the parents shape the child. Monsters are not born, they are made. I imagine that some kids were really disturbed by this case and the outcome. Poor souls. I pray that mom and dad were there to comfort them.]

Another story from Das Gazetter:
Read the story first. It's not an easy read for animal lovers, so keep that in mind.
TV story:

This needs not a lot of editorial comment as it is disgusting enough, but a few lines jumped out at me: "Starcher admitted that he was drinking and driving with his stepson in the vehicle the night he killed the dog, but denied saying anything inflammatory immediately after he pulled the trigger." (Anyone want to take that one?)

Read for clues of inconsistency:
“I kept telling Mark Mooney, ‘You need to do something with this dog,’ ” Starcher testified. “I said if it was my dog, and it bit me like that, I would put it to sleep.” (Of course, you insisted! You were helping a friend. You mean the humane way, of course and not a vulgar, barbaric, violent way. Gotcha bro.)
When Mooney hesitated, Starcher said he offered to shoot the dog. (What a great guy!) According to Starcher, Mooney told him, “If you think that’s best.”
(Then tell me how that translates into the next statement of truth?)
He actually told me to shoot the dog,” Starcher said. “He wasn’t going to do it, so he told me to shoot the dog.” (Of course, anybody would jump at an opportunity like that.)

More humanity is revealed:

... and he and Mooney came up with the idea of taping the lifeless animal to the steering wheel together. (Ah, always good to see such fine examples of the best in humankind. Good going guys. Expect that invitation from the Humane Society soon.)

"When asked why he taped the dog to the SUV’s steering wheel, Starcher said he did that out of “stupidity.” (Big surprise there.)

And:"Starcher said he told police that he and Mooney had lost the dog and denied owning a pistol because he panicked after the media coverage after the dead dog was discovered." (You mean they lied? How shocking!)
“I was scared to death,” Starcher said. “I didn’t know what to do.”(Any implication of guilt there? Nope, no way.)

The real horrors of what they did to this animal before shooting it are not in this article. Let's just say that this petition may be too late, but:


Anonymous said...

I hope he receives the same treatment as he gave the dog. It is unbelieveable that he got off for the charges. For those of us with animals, this is a tragedy. Children, animals and old people are the groups that have no defense so it is up to us to defend them. The judge or jury that let this man go apparently have no feelings for the defenseless of the world. Perhaps they have never heard "for the meek shall inherit the earth." I have the meekist dog in the world who's only fault is that she loves too much (much like her owner) and is trusting that the world loves her (again like her owner. I ahve made it my job to make sure she never understands that is not how it is even if I know better and that it is apparently a cruel world out there. Kat

eclectic guy said...

Sam Cooke sings, "It's a mean old world to live in..." Amen and huzzah to that, brother.

What a jury!