Thursday, May 04, 2006

Notable New Discs

A listener asked about some recent discs I've been playing. Here's the rundown and the scooby on them, kids. Enjoy.

1. Bitter:Sweet-The Mating Game. Super cool retro sounds that sound like a lost soundtrack to a James Bond film.
2. Thievery Corporation-Versions. Do these guys ever put a out a bad record? Nope. The 18th Street Lounge boys "dub out" tunes by the Doors, Bebel Gilberto and others. It's pretty dern eclectic.
3. Tosca-Souvenirs. Tosca and Thievery Corp should do an album together because they work the same way, despite the slight difference in their sounds. This is an album of remixes of their release J.A.C. done by their DJ friends. The remixes of cool tracks like Superrob are worth the admission fee alone. There is one joke among the lot. The one original track submitted by Tosca is about 4 seconds long. This should really make the collectors who are often called "completetists" a bit hot around the collar.
4. Gotan Project-Lunatico. This release revolves around the evolution of the tango rhythm and all the variations that technology and musicianship can bring. Great fun, but not many tracks were outstanding.
5. Ursula 1000-here comes tomorrow. Hilarious, fun, cocktail shaking music. Try to resist the fab cheesy tongue in cheek vocals mixed with the smartly played and arranged music. Quit now while you are ahead. If I had a swinging social life, this album would remain in permanent rotation all night. Prince meets Austin Powers in a Manhatten cocktail bar.

Well, that's the short list for now. If you missed the playlists, go here.


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