Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Other positions on the dial


(Left. Jerry Waters doing his thing.)

Not to jump ship or root for another team, but I have to confess to turning on AM talk radio in the am (on those rare occasions) for a source of amusement. It's not all amusement on Supertalk WVTS's Jerry Waters show, M-F 10am to noon, but it sure amuses me. No political beast am I, but Waters and ever-present sidekick Pete Thaw (Why does he make me think of a crustacean? Crusty? Curmudgeon?) keep me informed on Charleston and WV politically comical (and sometimes downright nasty and even tragic) happenings.

I have been let in on the nasty fights with the Nitro City Council, debates with the folks pro and con regarding the Charleston Police officer who killed a woman at a KC intersection, in short, this uninvolved old boy feels like a little better citizen-better informed. Waters comes to radio with this to say about it:Later, the talk show host position was offered to him for a couple of reasons: He had been a fill-in on several talk shows in the past. He had hundreds of "Letters to the editors" published in the past 20 years and had become somewhat of a lightning rod in Charleston by discussing topics that others avoided. Not everyone agrees with him, and he doesn't expect them to.

You can't make this stuff up and that speaks volumes. I do not view myself as part of the radio-DJ brotherhood and look not for envy as a subtext here, but those are rather ambiguous qualifications, yes? I had no radio qualifications, so I applaud the man getting the gig.

The best part of this show is the often loony banter that goes on between Jerry and Pete. Clearly, between the two of them, Pete Thaw better knows the facts and often gently puts Jerry, who may be right in the middle of an angry rant, back on a factual track. All sincerity and good intentions aside, I promise the readers of these pages one thing: I will record some of this banter and create an "Omage a Waters". Perhaps if I feel evil enough, it might be mailed to them for a reaction.

Another guilty pleasure gone away: Art Bell. Nobody gets "out there" like this guy. Aliens in our skies? Sure. Art is ready. Creatures we can't see because the exist on other dimensions? "Talk to me", says Art. Apocalyptic, castastrophic global interplanetary taxation without representation? "Fine. You're on the Wild Card line. Go ahead."

Art retired. Shite. This is the first I've heard about it. Sure have been wondering what happened to the show as I drive home every Sunday night.

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